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For the 2015 conference, we particularly interested in proposals in the following areas:

1. Theories and conceptual models of Service-Learning

  • Application of Service-Learning for teaching, lesson plan devising or activities engagement, and development of theories and conceptual models of Service-Learning

2. Campus-Community partnerships

  • Influence of Service-Learning on communities
  • Benefits and the conflicts of interests between campuses and communities
  • Methods and process of partnerships between campuses and communities that integrate campuses into communities

3. Social enterprises and community developments

  • Long term projects of Service-Learning and their positive influences on the enterprises’ development which evolve into social enterprises that can influence the communities
  • Prospering of the communities built by the enterprises instead of exploiting or damage

4. Diverse Service-Learning modes and evaluations

  • The specific connections between those who serve, service objects, service regions and Service-Learning Modes
  • Corresponding to the above discussion, process and establishment of evaluation for Service-Learning Modes

5. International and intercultural subjects on Service-Learning

  • Discussion of the impact of international /cross-cultural Service-Learning on students' learning
  • The implementation of service learning programs influenced by overseas service-Learning experiences
  • Discussion of the international cooperative models

6. Outcomes and experiences of K-12 and higher education collaborative programs

  • K-12 students' experiences in participating Service-Learning programs
  • Different programs in Universities that initiate K-12 schools’ involvement in Service-Learning

7. Others


Paper Submission Deadline: December 15, 2014

Conference Requirements of Abstract.docx


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