Presentation Categories

Presenters are given a variety of program formats to choose. On the submission of the proposals, presentation formats should be indicated as well. The conference secretariat will determine whether to accept for presentation in the conference. The options are as follows:

  • Paper Presentations (20 minutes) 
    Presenters will conduct formal oral presentations share a session with two-to-three other presenters on similar topics. Presenters should plan for 20 minutes for their presentation.
    A short time will be reserved at the end of the session for questions and summarization.
  • Panel Presentations (60 minutes) 
    A group of papers on similar themes or research issues proposed as a complete session. Those presenting within this option should submit a group proposal involving up to three presentations.
    A recommended discussant should also be named in the proposal. A panel presentation should take 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for discussion.
  • Interactive Workshops (60 minutes) 
    An interactive session allows active involvement of audience participants throughout the presentation. Workshops should engage the audience in sharing collaborative expertise in one or more of the Conference Themes. It maybe problem-based or have a disciplinary or cross-cultural focus. One or several individuals may participate. Participants in these sessions gain new ideas and knowledge they may apply in their own work.
  • Poster Presentations (90 minutes) 
    These sessions will provide an opportunity for the author to display information on their initiatives and achievements in the field. In this format, presenters talk informally with participants who come to their boards. Free standing poster display boards are provided for speakers. Details about poster presentations are provided to the author after acceptance of his or her poster proposal. Presenters may bring printed materials for free distribution.